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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blackrock Health Sciences (BME): Safe haven in a 'healthly' ETF Closed End Fund

"The current market volatility makes us want to run for shelter, a safe haven," notes Richard Lehmann, editor of The ETF Investor. One such haven he sees is health science, and offers an ETF for the sector.
Notice The Awesome Dividend History Above

"Other than Treasury bonds, which have their own risks, cash is certainly the safest. One might think of gold or natural resources as a safe haven, but once economies slow down, demand there will fall as well. Either way these safe havens are likely to be volatile in the near future.

"The health care sector is not as dependent on the overall economy and may be a safe harbor for now. There are a number of ETF's and closed end funds that cover this sector.

"The one we find most compelling is the Blackrock Health Sciences Trust (NYSE: BME) mainly because it captures the value in volatility by writing options on their holdings. The option writing activity moderates price swings and adds income to the fund.

For the love of GOD I can see a thing Wrong with this track record!~!
"It invests in healthcare providers, healthcare equipment, pharmaceuticals and biotech companies. The fund is currently trading at $27.80 a –6.84% discount from its net asset value. The yield is 5.53%, which helps as an additional cushion. The expense ratio is high at 1.13%, but is somewhat offset by the –6.84% discount from net asset value."

Strategy & Objective

The BlackRock Health Sciences Trust, BME, is a perpetual closed-end equity fund. BME commenced operations in March 2005 with the investment objective of providing total return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation. Under normal market conditions, the Trust will invest at least 80% of its total assets in equity securities of companies engaged in the health sciences and related industries and equity derivatives with exposure to the health sciences industry. Companies in the health sciences industry include health care providers as well as businesses involved in researching, developing, producing, distributing or delivering medical, dental, optical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology products, supplies, equipment or services or that provide support services to these companies. Equity securities in which the Trust anticipates investing include common stocks, preferred stocks, convertible securities, warrants, depository receipts and equity interests in real estate investment trusts that own hospitals.

Disclosure I am long BME shares and purchasing more shares next week. 

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