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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buy Hold Sell Buy and Hold to buy or not to buy

Hello all,

Just here with the daily wrap, life is going on as is the case each day. I am having a most difficult time trying to figure out my strategy I thought by now I would be much better off. I currently have 18 folios(sectors) of stocks each containing at least 7 stocks/etf's in each folio. For a current total holdings of 233, with 30 stocks on the axe block meaning when they are close to profit or a strong day they are gone. My 233 holdings are up 7.8% as of this writing.

I some winners up 55.00 % and bunch in the 30% range and 20,10% ranges too. I planned to use buy and hold style to collect dividends. So I just sit back and watch , I keep fighting myself saying i should have no more than 100 holdings tops, heck maybe only 50. So I try to ween the holdings down over the weekend. Ever so hard i can get down to 175 then i get stuck as I see value in these other stocks and don't want to get rid of them.

I hear buy and hold is dead, never make money like that. I am 34 years old, used to blow all the money at tourneys and casinos, So if when the smoke clears i have nothing so be it. I get down to 175 holdings then i find through the next week many more stocks undervalued or attractive. Don't ask me why I find them attractive I could not tell you yet. Cash on hand, low pe, no debt, low payout ratio. Hundreds of things i look out for, however, none of my stocks have all the areas i look at.

I am diversified to the max forex, commodities, oil, gas, reits almost everything but options. Which I am not interested in at this time. I quess you must push and pull till you find your happy medium. 200 holdings for some may be hard to keep a eye on but for me it seems to be were I need to be know. I spend approx. 6-10 hours each day researching, reading, watching, listening or discussing my opinion's. Almost like a drug cant seem to get enough. HA!HA!HA! but it is so true.

So here I am just broke 4,000 in 401k since sept 08, and 2637 in roth since jan. 1st this year. Still trying to find my strategy style,. I know i like dividends, I like etf's, I like some risk, as well as some small companies (heck i work for a small cap(PSSI). I have bought each and every single day the market is open, no matter what i buy something, or sell something.

So my goals/plan for the next month is to try to define a more definite strategy to weed out some of my listings as I try to move down to a much smaller group of holdings to work with. I have small capital now so to make it grow I should have fewer stocks correct? Although I love the big basket picture too. So goes another day in the world of investing. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts rambled misspelled and thrown up on the blog.

Thanks Dividend Basket

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forex Etfs Added new Folio

Hello all been a nice long weekend not much happening here. Sorta took a vacation from my computer and all these ho hum for a few days to let the brain relax, or at least give it time to catch up. Now working on day 6 NOT SMOKING, geez be nice to kick that monkey off my back.

I set up a forex/currency folio this week. Time to place some funds in other countries currency. Now that commodities are taking off many of the other forex plays will be stronger and I need the diversification. Picked out 12 decent plays in this folio. Not going to give them all away now till my buy order goes in this morning.

I had 3 sells for this morning, I sold APD, KALU and MFC. Sold for a combined 21.34% profit on all 3.

I added 2 New picks to my reits folio, IYR and RWX. Added Home Depot (HD) in my services folio. Needed some pipes for the washing machine and couldn't believe the amount of people planting gardens and do things to their house either to sell it , fix it up, or save money growing garden. They all lead me to readded HD, which we did sell in the past for a profit, regardless we are running it again. I also added smg to my watch list for the same reason.

With all the talk around blackrock potentially buying Ishares, I started a small postion in BLK, and also added IAI to my financial folio, IAI has all the other broker dealers, GS,CME, MS, and so on.

Added CTL to my technology folio they should be closing on Embarq soon. Which should give them some amazing earnings growth. CTL pays a 9.52% dividend, trading at .93 on price to book, less then book price.

In my index funds I added QAI, IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF. This is my play on the hedge fund sector or as close as I can get from a retirement account. With a expense ratio of .75 its a tad bit high but nothing compared to mutual funds. This etf will go long and short with other etfs. According to IQ website:

The Fund seeks investment results that correspond before fees and expenses generally to the price and yield performance of the IQ Hedge Multi Strategy Index. The Fund is a fund of funds as it invests at least 80% of its net assets, plus the amount of any borrowings for investment purposes, in the investments included in its Underlying Index, which includes underlying funds.

Biggest changes in Basic Material folio Where we added coal back into the mix, Both ACI, and KOL the etf. Also added 2 other etfs the I shares basic materials(IYM) and MXI the global one.

In my emerging markets folio I added 4 new plays. EWG germany, EWS singapore, EWN Netherlands, and EWY south Korea. Some areas I seem to think there will be growth.

Disclosure I am long ewg,ewy,ews,ewn,aci,kol,iym,mxi,qai,ctl, blk,iai,iyr,rwx,hd,

This is not a reccomendation to buy any of these stock without doing your own homework. I am not a licensed broker and only have a few months of trading under my belt, however, profitable they have been still do your own research.

Thanks Dividend Basket