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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Folio Additions Updates for the Week new picks

Hello a update on the weekend adjustments to my stock folios. First my Bond Folio I added 2 new etf's. HYD, Market Vectors High-Yield Municipal Index ETF. MBG,SPDR Barclays Capital Mortgage Backed Bond ETF. No other changes to the bond folio, currently up 2.99% YTD.

Commodities folio I will sell RJN,RJZ and PSAU. I have added MOO market vectors agribusiness Etf. My Commodities Folio is up 4.46% YTD.

Consumer Goods Folio added SJM smuckers. Gotta love that folgers coffee drink it daily, sure to add to sjm's bottom line. Seen a 181% increase in insider buying. Very low debt and just boosted its quarterly dividend to a lip smacking 0.35 cents a share from 0.32. I see book value at approx. 42.00 a share with a target price of 49.80. Has 3.05 of cash per share on hand and earnings growing next year, all around win in my book. Currently up 3.89% ytd in this folio.

Emerging/Foreign Etf folio is rocking in rolling. Leader is VWO up 24.28 YTD, and eem is up 21.49 YTD the entire 10 etf folio is up 9.56% YTD.

Financial Folio big shake up here Will sell UWBK and SAVB on monday. I added GS goldman sachs, BEP the S&P 500 covered call fund inc ETF. Also added PGF Powershars financial preferred ETF fund. RY royal bank of canada and MFC manulife life insureance of canada as well. This folio of 11 picks is up 4.54% YTD.

Healthcare folio 13 picks down .01% YTD, no changes. Added money.

Index Etf folio 11 picks Up 7.38% no changes. Added money.

Industrial Goods Folio 11 picks up 14.02% YTD, no changes added Money.

Oil N Gas Folio 13 picks up 8.43% YTD, no changes added money.

Railroad Folio 6 picks Up 11.04% YTD, no changes added money.

Reits Folio 11 picks up 1.60% YTD, no changes added money.

Services Folio 9 picks up 4.28% YTD, no changes added money.

Shipping folio 9 picks Will be selling GSL on monday and added TRMD, no going to spell name here no way. HAHAHA This folio is up 12.59% YTD. OSG is hitting it out of the park up 36378% YTD, and GMR 21.35%, NAT 18.43% YTD. Nice rebound in shipping sector.

Technology Folio 9 picks, added QQQX, sold 1/2 AMSWA for a nice 41.25% gain. Current folio is up 10.30% YTD. Tech is riding well for now.

Utilities Folio 10 picks, Added DUK duke energy. Debating on a sell of LNT but will hold it longer yet, sure watching it though. Folio is up 4.29% YTD.

Sector Etf's 16 picks Will sell IYM,XLB,ICF,IAI on monday. Currently up 5.01% YTD.

This is the rundown of what changes I made today for mondays Market open.
Total Current holdings as of this writing is 205 holdings up 6.10% YTD. The stocks i claim I will sell on monday will be moved to my buy no more folio there they will sit till they are profitable or have a good run then I will sell them and dispense the money back into the folio they came from. In order to stay diverse in all my folios. Thanks for your time and Hats off to another great week in the world of dividend investing. 31 dividends received and reinvested this week very nice bonus.

Till next post thanks for reading and following my fun in dividend investing.

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