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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Dividend Folio Recap 401K Week Ending 4-26-09

This week has been quite the hectic little week with all the earnings announcement, Dividend cuts. The new swine flu outbreak, Our tornado filled night last night. As well as the battle my wife is still having with cancer. Now she has to have the colonoscopy test done on may 7th and a camera down her throat to take pictures of he stomach. Then the gallbladder needs to be removed next she has gall stones. May have to pull the appendix to if its not right. As you read this please send a prayer out to my wife may she find the courage to win this battle and stand tall by our kids. My doctor put me on some new anxiety meds to hopefully help me work through this all.

Gets me to my point of this blog and investing in general. I love my wife with all my heart but I need to have a way to vent all my feeling and ramblings. I Jumped head first into investing in September 25 of 2008. My first purchase was COF, wow laughing out load, that was a waste of perfectly good money. Any how here I am today. Working at a medical place delivering/shipping cancer drugs to patients. Sorta Ironic when I think about it.

I started a 401k at Principal financial group, through my work I stash away just enough to me the company match when in my case is 6% they match 50% of the first 6% so that is all i put into it. Of which 1000% is going to my wife hint hint if you are reading this lol.

  • 2% short term fixed income
  • 4% fixed income
  • 6% Balanced/Asset Allocation
  • 42% Large U.S. Equity
  • 26% Small/Mid U.S. Equity
  • 18% International Equity
  • 2% Employer Security
I lost 27.08% in the first year of the account. This year starts in 04/01/2009. Am up 8.04% for this month so far.

As for my personal trading account I first started with a ira then at the end of the year I got bombarded with all these k-1 stock mailings. So I switched my account over to a roth ira and using my broker folio showed me how to put a k-1 stock block on my account so I dont buy anymore of them K-1 stocks. Example would be tnh. Pays a great dividend by can not stand all the extra tax issues/exspense with the accountant.

So as of Janurary 1st of 2009 I jumped head first into my new roth ira. I have it broke down into 17 folios each folio is a basket of stocks that i like in that sector/folio. The folios are as follows.

  1. Basic Materials.
  2. Closed End Funds
  3. Consumer Goods
  4. Financial
  5. Healthcare
  6. Industrial goods
  7. Commodities
  8. Oil n Gas
  9. Index Etf's
  10. Railroads
  11. Reits
  12. Services
  13. Shipping
  14. Sector Etf's
  15. Technology
  16. Utilities
  17. Emerging/Forgien Etf's
  18. Bonds
So this will be the 17 folio's I would most typically be talking about on my blog when I post a blog I will sort it by the folio it belongs with. I typically hold around 10-15 holdings in each of the folios. Somewhere around 200 holdings at most times. I buy every single day the market is open, i buy $5.00 a day spread among the 10 best folios I pick for that day. Seems very little amount but it works out to a pretty good amount in time. I reinvest all the dividends back in the folio they were paid out of.

Currently holding 195 holdings. Up 5.21 percent right now year to date. Well this will get you are started I will be breaking down each folio sector with its holdings over the course of the next week. My goal is passive income I am in my mid 30's and relize most people will think I am nuts for wanting passive income since I am so young. But I love my money working for me and if anything every were to happen I could use the income instead of reinvesting.

I would classify myself as agressive but not scared to hold some income funds and bonds as well I like a solid mix of everything. Well enough for know feel free to comment if ya like.

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