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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recently Sold Items,Folio Changes, Dividends Collected

I been cleaning house and dumped, dsg,jkl,pagg,rwx,mxhp,dd,awf,pht,pet,pty.
As well made some changes added Commodities folio, Emerging/Forgien Etf's folio, Bond Folio, Index folio and Sector Etf's folio. Removed Powershares Etfs folio, Vanquard etf folio.

This should make it alot easier for me to keep track of specific sector's of intrest in my portfolio.I am in the process of weeding out some stocks as i wittle my holdings down lower, currently 205 holdings would like to get down to 150 for starts. Received Dividends from nly and ge.

Dicslosure I long NLY shares

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