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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The BULLISH case for Hasbro(HAS) toys, Transformers ring a bell?

I recently researched and added to my consumer goods folio Hasbro(HAS) toys and games company stock. First off lets start with Hasbro owns the the rights to Transformers toys. The new Transformer movie blew out of the box office with overwhelming success. So is this going to hit Hasbro's bottom line you beat ya. There is plenty of time for commercials, for the new toys, then the dvd release then and only after all this comes Christmas. The kids will be driving us parents nuts over the new toys. Every kid will want one in one shape or another.

Which could mean better than expected sales for Hasbro. Currently a member of the S&P500 with a market cap of 3.42 billion, making it a midcap stock. Having annual sales of approx. 3.94 billion. Trading currently right now at $24.29 which is 15.71% from its 52 week low. Making it a excellent entry point. Slated to earn $1.89 per share in earnings this year and $2.11 per share next year. Giving is a P/E of 12.95 currently and a forward P/E of 11.60, not bad if I say so myself.

Currently paying a 3.27% dividend totaling $0.80 cents per share each year. Has $4.22 per share cash on hand. Peg of 1.44 and a Price to sales value of 0.87, leaning towards value. Insiders already own over 10% of the company, Instutions own 87.89% of the 139.84 million outstanding shares. The return on equity (ROE) is a impressive 21.83%. Eps is expected to grow at 95 for the next 5 years and has grown 16.26% over the last 5 years. The dividend payout ratio is 38.70 percent. Recently Raised its dividend in feb of 2008, has paid a quarterly dividend since December of 1996.

I see a target price of apporx $32.00, traded 692,700 shares yesterday. So volume is there. Next earnings report is due out July 20 before the market open. So you could buy now at this decent entry point and dump on the earnings day which I am pretty sure should be better than expected, sure to pick up a couple upgrades sounds like money in the bank to me.

Disclosure I am Long HAS in my consumer goods folio.

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