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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top 50 Buy and Hold Investing Blogs By ETF Database

Very proud to see my blog getting around the investor world. Just click the title to view the article wrote by the fine guys over at ETF Database, I am very happy that my dividend news is getting out and helping some people. Be sure to spread the word and get my blog passed around. I am here to help all that I can, as I can only learn what I try. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome on my site. Again thanks for viewing my Blog and don't forget to visit our new Dividend Basket book/ electronics shop.

Small plug from article be sure to click title to view the whole article some very nice investing research sites.

"When it comes to investing, there is still a solid core of gurus and bloggers that maintain that buy and hold is the way to go. Indeed, even as some pundits declare buy and hold dead, there are those who maintain themselves as buy and hold, or at least long term, investors. For the average Joe investor, long term can be a good idea. It allows you to make long term gains that are often more than enough to beat inflation and provide you with income in your later years. Here are 50 blogs and blog posts that can help you develop a long term investing plan:"

Again thanks.

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