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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coal, Infrastructure, Added Bank Folio , added Shipping Picks and Duh stopped smoking again

Hello ev1 hope all is having a good day. My nerves are shot I have started to stop smoking again this is Officially day #2 yahoo!! Any way I will do the best I can and will beat this monkey off my back soon I know I can do this with everyone's help. So enough about me on with my recent changes in to my holdings.

I picked up 2 coal stocks ACI, arch coal and picked up the etf KOL from Market Vectors added to my basic material folio. In my shipping folio I added TNK, DHT, and HRZ sold trmd.

Added PXR (PowerShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure Portfolio )to my emerging markets folio.

Sold MCD mcdonalds for 15.2% profit let it go. Have not found a service stock to replace mcd in my services folio yet.

I then took all my sector etfs and split them up into their own folios. Started a Bank Folio, containing approx. 13 picks.

Seems I am out of time for today off to take the wife to the doctor and then to work so have a good day all and thanks for reading my blog.

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