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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Dividend Folio Recap 401K Week Ending 4-17-09

Currently have 223 holdings they are up 9.74% year to date. This week I sold all my wisdomtree etf's due to lack of volume and fair performance. Also sold all Market vectors etf's purchased some new vanguard etfs as well as some new powershares etfs. My top 5 performers are:

  1. ASH up 188.69%
  2. TRN up 56.64%
  3. SFL up 54.04%
  4. AMSWA up 48.80%
  5. KWR up 51.55%
Those 5 are my top performers Up for the year to current. And for my 5 underperformers:

  1. GSL down 12.87%
  2. XLU down 7.69%
  3. VALU down 7.31%
  4. VPU down 7.23%
  5. GGN down 6.76%
As you can see gold, silver and utilities continue to get killed on a pretty solid basis. Chemicals, shipping and transportation/rails are roaring right along. In my 223 holdings 33 are in the red and 190 are in the green. My biggest surprise is still ashland chemical ticker symbol ash this stock is screaming to the upside a gorgeous v-bottom chart forming and high volume a excellent addition to my portfolio The above numbers do not include dividends paid by the stocks. I do own all of these stocks in my holdings and will be buying more of some or all of them.

My 401k with principal finical group finished last year down 26.71% and this year starting the 1st of this month up 7.62% have seen a nice rebound in small cap funds and emerging market funds. Developed markets fund and precious metals not doing very well. Bond funds are squeaking out a small gain but not very hot either.

This coming week I have my eye on small cap stocks, emerging markets stocks/etf's, and on the watch list is MAT nice chart.

Thats it for this week.

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