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Monday, April 13, 2009

MVC Capital approves $0 .12 per share Quarterly Dividend

MVC Capital, Inc. (NYSE: MVC) has declared a dividend of $0.12 per share, or a total of approximately $2.9 million, to be distributed to shareholders for the second quarter of fiscal 2009. The dividend is payable on April 30, 2009 to shareholders of record on April 23, 2009. This distribution represents the sixteenth consecutive quarterly dividend paid by the Fund since implementing a dividend policy in July of 2005. Current annual dividend yield is 5.0%.

MVC Capital, Inc. is a non-diversified, closed-end management company.

Click here for further info on this closed end fund at this time i am not recommending this stock the expense ratio is 4.05% trades a average daily volume of 109,000. Does however trade at a 50.04% discount to nav.

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