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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekly update on 8 folios and recent transactions, Retire on $5.00 per day each day market open

Well not a lot going on with the buy and selling in my 8 folios but here is a breakdown of my recent activity.

Basic materials folio which includes my commodities picks. Currently I am long 17 picks and will be selling one tomorrow. I am long, IPHS,DO,KWR,TYG,EEQ,BP,KMR,NUE,
GNI,DJP,E,BPT,CVX,SLV,GLD, AND GGN. Combined this folio is up 12.24% year to date not including dividends. I will be selling RJI tomorrow, taking a small 5 to 6 % profit.

In my bonds and closed end fund folio, (fixed income) all pay monthly dividends. I am currently long. IID, DPO, IGD, EOS, MAIN, AOD,ESD,JNK,HYG,PCY,PSEC,LQD, and BND. This folio is up 13.54% year to date. No changes this week.

In my financial and reit folio. I am long 15 stocks. This folio is up 10.10% year to date. Top pick AGNC and AFL, my 2 laggers are ESS and CMO. I just repurchased CMO this week after selling it last week for 34% profit. No other changes.

My consumer goods and consumer services folio, all but shipping stocks. Currently is long 11 stocks. MMM and CALM leaders, with SYY a lagger. This folio is up Year to date 10.94% no changes for this folio either.

My index etf and emerging markets etf folio. Currently long 11 etfs, with FXI and VWO leading the way. Even my lagger EFA is up 7.76%. This folio is up 13.36% year to date.
No changes at this time.

My industrial goods and healthcare folio. Contains 17 picks with CAT and GSK at the clear winners, ABT and ECOL the laggers. This folio is up 10.70% year to date. Recently Purchased CAH which is already up 7.83% since my initial purchase. No other changes.

My shipping and railroad folio. By far the healthiest and hottest folios of all lately. Currently long 14 stocks with CSX, SFL, leading the way, and the laggers are GMR and DHT. This folio is up currently 17.17% year to date. No recent changes to this folio.

And my last folio is my utilities and tech folio. Currently long 15 stocks, with INTC, TEG as the winners. The laggers are CTL and ADP. This folio is currently up 11.81% year to date. No recent changes to this folio at this time.

So my total portfolio consisting of 8 folios is up 12.53% year to date, which does not include dividends. I have received 2.24% in dividends this year to date. I still dollar cost average every single day the market is open. I have not missed one trading day this year. I add $5.00 a day spread across each folio plus reinvest the dividends back to who paid them. If a stock cuts its dividend I sell it period.

My core is 112 stock, etfs and closed end funds. The cream of the crop according to my eyes, my value and my long term holding period. I plan to hold this dividend paying stocks until further notice As I try to spank the shorts of my 401k provided through my employer with Principal Financial Group.

Now to my 401k my work currently matches 50% of the first 6 percent so that is all i put there i put the rest in my above mentioned Roth ira account at

Currently up year to date in my 401k, 18.81% before fees, god only knows how much they will be. Received $7.82 in dividends year to date, versus $40.29 through june in my roth ira.

In closing I am very excited to be playing the market, living, breathing and smelling the stocks. Dow broke 9000 today I used to watch everyday to see what happened, course i still do but nothing seems to matter now that I have plan and stick to it. My core is built and I am in the accumulate phase of my retirement plan. No matters what happens I have am on this train. I go to the coal mines shovel in hand(aka my work place). Do the best I can and try to add to my folio more money everyday.

Sometime I ponder how this all started with just $ 1.00 a day investing in my favorite stocks, at the start of this year I opened this roth ira and now I am off to the races(LOL). So yes you can retire at just 5.00 a day every day the market is open. Yes I do see some ups and downs in the future. But this is so much better than smoking, drinking, gambling and parting away all my money never having a pot to piss in so to say. Now I can see the light I feel better, look better, am happier and have a pot to piss in now.

Please feel free to comment on this or any of my other stories, I have gathered here on my blog. Only through each other can we prosper together. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I only hope I can show the light to one more person out there somewhere.

Disclosure I am long all stock mentioned in this blog as well and many that were not motioned. Please if you do invest do your own research what works for me many not work for all I am not a licensed broker at this time but sure hope to be very soon.

Paradysz Matera

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